Monday, December 6, 2010

flying home !!!


  1. InsyaAllah I am going back to M'sia this January. Hohoho!!! Although I am not suppose to be too happy with the financial that involved, but I think I will put that a side this time.
  2. Talking about it financially, it cost a lot of money 。。。。 too much instead 。。。。 the flight tickets itself already cost up to RM 12k 。。。。 as for the bullet train tickets from my place to Narita airport, it cost RM 4k 。。。。 I told you its too much !!!
  3. Whatever the cost is, its already decided 。。。。 I will be going back from 06 Jan ~ 27 Jan 。。。。 three weeks holiday 。。。。
  4. Actually one of the reason for this holiday trip was my love to my wife 。。。。 LOL xD 。。。。feels like vomiting... 
  5. She has been pregnant for more than two months now and craving for too many things 。。。。 abviously a lot of those food cannot be obtain here 。。。。for example "gulai pucuk ubi", "rendang kerang", 。。。。arghhhh!!! mano den nak cokau bondo-bondo ni Lia oiiii 。。。。
  6. Another reason on me myself... I feel like taking a break for a while from my exhausted daily routine... feel jaded already... and more tough time are waiting right in front of me... before I am going through that tough (berpantang) period where I will need to take care of all the kids and the house by myself 。。。。 I think I better take a break for a while 。。。。
  7. For all the relatives, especially on my wife side, please prepare the most delicious meal ever for our visit to your place during this three weeks. I will of course "tumpang sekaki"。。。。 ;D
  8. Lets pray for the safety of our journey and may Allah always bless all of us...

Monday, November 29, 2010

busted ?? boosted ??

Hi... been a while since the last post >>> I don't know how many more times I will be using these words, kind a short of words for the intro. If you have any suggestion to replace those wording please leave in the comments section.

  1. For those who have reed through my last post should know the hang-over that I suffered earlier this month. Surprisingly, its still there.... a little bit more...
  2. At some point, I am feeling absolutely jaded... emptiness is all I have in my motivation tank... ~~~Allah help me please~~~
  3. All the praise to Him the One and only to be worship for... I got boosted !!! 
  4. The news become a surprise booster for me... My wife is pregnant !!! I repeat... My wife is pregnant !!! Woooohoooo !!! Alhamdulillah... we do not actually expecting it but we accept it with open arms...
  5. From one to three and now the fourth one... I can give you my warranty with 90% confidence level that this time it will be only one and not a twin nor triplet...
  6. Actually we have gone for the medical check last week and the doctor have found only one fetus... it is there to begin its life, may Allah give all His blessing for it to growth and be born in this world, insyaAllah...
  7. Alhamdulillah.... I have got something to push me for finishing this task and may Allah provide me all the strength to finished what have been started... insyaAllah...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Date ? Day ? Event ?

  1. Are you the type of guy who are aware of your birthdays, anniversaries, and other stuffs similar to these? If you are then you are lucky. I have problem memorizing all these thing inside my head. As a result of that, some people think that I am lack sense of caring about others and even being called as a mean person.
  2. I don't blame them and I don't also blame myself, it is just something that I am happy to have along with me. The main reason for this posts written is to appreciate the early birds of my birthday wish. They are my old friend from my primary school; Vikram and Mardiana.
  3. Honestly, I remember my birthday is coming this year. It is because that at the same day, I am having an appointment with my doctor about the stone in my kidney (I will keep you posted about it). But, to have a birthday wishes as early as two days before my actual birthday, it is ********** . (I can actually find a suitable word for it)
  4. Its good to know people are remembering you, although they might be using some modern tools to do so (i.e; facebook, twitter and etc.) it is still something that we should relish to. And I am taking this opportunity to thanks those early birds (Vikram and Mardiana) and I hope we all have a brighter future in front of us, iA.
  5. And for all that have been wishing for my birthday, thank you very much and I will try to do my best to also sending my wish when your time comes. Thank you.
p/s: do not forget to check your birthday base on the Islamic calender. I am sure that we are actually older than what we think we are...